‘I am My Own Miracle’ Day 254

My waking thought this morning was ‘I need a miracle’. No sooner did that thought pass through my mind, it was followed up with, ‘I am my own miracle’. It’s really up to me. EVERYTHING! Until I don’t have a choice anymore, I am the only one that can do it.  I have been under so much stress the past few months and I have given in to my sugar addition and I completely  dropped the ball on Changing it NOW. It’s such a vicious cycle which leaves me feeling bad about myself. So this morning I weighed in and I’ve gained back 12 pounds but it feels like 30. I have stomach problems when I don’t eat right among other things, I get terrible stomach pain. I had an awful attack two days ago, just prior to and during the early part of a photo shoot. It was another wake up cal. I also got my blood work done last week and my results came back good. If I don’t change now.. I won’t continue to be this lucky. It’s a matter of time. 

I am going to really try to come back here daily. My life depends on change.