Once again I suffered extreme pain on the lower left side of my abdomen after eating poorly. Very poorly that is. SO once again I am setting out to eat right. I am eating whole food again. I have 2 days. It’s getting to be a joke but I do know I’m not the only one who battles with this. Everyday is new and everyday I have a chance to get it right.

I had cucumber from my garden for breakfast along with some raw almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds. For lunch I had zucchini with marinara sauce made with garlic and basil and carrots and tonight I passed up the pizza for a very healthy split pea soup.

Today I am eating my way to being healthy.

Comparing coffee machines: I love my coffee!! I was right at home living in Europe from 2003 -2006. While living Austria, I had a Gaggia Coffee Machine. I wanted a Saeko but ended up with the Gaggia. It was a hassle to clean and I wasn’t happy about that.

Once back home, I bought a Saeko Vienna. My dream machine! it grinds one cup at a time, makes great cappuccino and is super easy to clean. Every cup is VERY fresh.

Saeco-Coffee-Expresso-Machine-on-Changingit NOW.com


SO HERE COMES KURIG! We bought a Keurig for our 88 year old mom for Christmas thinking it would be easy for her. Then I started reading that the K-Kups are not biodegradable. That was all I needed to read. I brought it back. We have enough problems with the environment that we don’t need to add billions of little plastic cups to the mess. (I understand we already have) So until they correct the problem, no Keurig for me.  It does’t compare to the coffee machines that grind their own beans, one cup at a time. Comparing the price of the K-Cups, My Saeco pays for itself over and over again.

The Saeco Vienna is priced at $650  – $700. I actually bought mine refurbished on ebay 5 years ago for $500 and I have made a gazillion cups of coffee with it. The coffee froths like my memories of European coffee. Of course this is a European machine.

Something about the European coffee is so good. One of my fondest memories of a great cup of coffee was while visiting Amsterdam in 1993. ‘Turkish” I was told. And it must of been good because I still remember it.


Inspiration, we all need it! I borrowed these two pictures from G.Brian Benson’s FB page this morning. Why? because it gave me inspiration.

Two days back to my wellness plan and I dropped 4 pounds already. I know that will slow, like right away, but at least it’s encouraging me to keep going.

Today’s inspiration: Thanks to G. Brian Benson:



I stayed on track yesterday and am I completing my second day of wholesome eating. I passed on pizza today and made a salad of chick peas, my garden celery, peppers, tomato  and fresh mozzarella. Splashed with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

I’m 110 days from my one year. I can still make positive change and make a difference in my life  in so many ways.

Photo’s from my garden.

My waking thought this morning was ‘I need a miracle’. No sooner did that thought pass through my mind, it was followed up with, ‘I am my own miracle’. It’s really up to me. EVERYTHING! Until I don’t have a choice anymore, I am the only one that can do it.  I have been under so much stress the past few months and I have given in to my sugar addition and I completely  dropped the ball on Changing it NOW. It’s such a vicious cycle which leaves me feeling bad about myself. So this morning I weighed in and I’ve gained back 12 pounds but it feels like 30. I have stomach problems when I don’t eat right among other things, I get terrible stomach pain. I had an awful attack two days ago, just prior to and during the early part of a photo shoot. It was another wake up cal. I also got my blood work done last week and my results came back good. If I don’t change now.. I won’t continue to be this lucky. It’s a matter of time. 

I am going to really try to come back here daily. My life depends on change.