Choosing Healthy Food For a Getaway: Day 302

This morning I’m packing for a 48 hour getaway. Since I have 4 days of eating well behind me and starting day 5, I have to prepare enough healthy choices that I don’t get caught hungry. “Eating right is my reward”. Even though there will several restaurants where I will be, I am packing some fruit, and raw nuts, raw almond butter, plain rice cakes, carrots, plenty of water, some dark chocolate (just a little) and some LaraBars. Speaking of Larabars, I just called my local Trader Joe’s and  asked them if they could change up some of their Larabar flavors. After all, there are so many! I requested Ginger Snap. It was my favorite of the samples that Larabar sent me earlier this year.  I am also going to make use of the fitness center this trip. My intentions are always good but I never seem to quite follow through.