Comparing coffee machines: I love my coffee!! I was right at home living in Europe from 2003 -2006. While living Austria, I had a Gaggia Coffee Machine. I wanted a Saeko but ended up with the Gaggia. It was a hassle to clean and I wasn’t happy about that.

Once back home, I bought a Saeko Vienna. My dream machine! it grinds one cup at a time, makes great cappuccino and is super easy to clean. Every cup is VERY fresh.



SO HERE COMES KURIG! We bought a Keurig for our 88 year old mom for Christmas thinking it would be easy for her. Then I started reading that the K-Kups are not biodegradable. That was all I needed to read. I brought it back. We have enough problems with the environment that we don’t need to add billions of little plastic cups to the mess. (I understand we already have) So until they correct the problem, no Keurig for me.  It does’t compare to the coffee machines that grind their own beans, one cup at a time. Comparing the price of the K-Cups, My Saeco pays for itself over and over again.

The Saeco Vienna is priced at $650  – $700. I actually bought mine refurbished on ebay 5 years ago for $500 and I have made a gazillion cups of coffee with it. The coffee froths like my memories of European coffee. Of course this is a European machine.

Something about the European coffee is so good. One of my fondest memories of a great cup of coffee was while visiting Amsterdam in 1993. ‘Turkish” I was told. And it must of been good because I still remember it.