Feeling the Workout Burn Day:111-112

I shared the news back on Day 88, that a workout company Physique 57 reached out to me in an effort to support my weight loss journey. It was very inspiring for me to be contacted by them. In a way, it exemplified the power of blogging and social networking. They offered to send me some of their work out videos which they promptly did. Up to that point, I had been eating according to my plan, but I was missing an extremely key element, working out. I checked out their website and really liked what I saw. I worked out to the original Jane Fonda videos, back in the “80’s” and the first Tae Bo videos with Billy Blanks, but it has been years since I attempted anything new on video. In the 90’s, I worked out 6 days a week in a gym. After a skiing accident in “96” and the birth of daughter in “97”, my workouts tapered off to a very occasional attempt to start again.

While a few weeks have gone by, I am now ready to take the next step on this year long journey. Yesterday, I opened the first DVD. The “Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout”.  I popped it in the Xbox and started to follow along. I am very out of shape and I found this workout very intense yet easy to keep up with it. Tanya Becker, the head instructor is really good. She’s motivating, inspiring and funny. I broke a sweat and felt burn in parts of my body that I forgot existed. Of course, getting to the final stretch is my favorite part. 🙂 I woke up today already feeling the workout. Sweet Success!

My 14 year old daughter wanted to workout with me today. This was her first video workout and she felt the burn quickly. She gave up about 1/3 way through. I think I’ll try it again with her only using the “Express 30 Minute Workout” next time. I didn’t give up and completed day two. Whoo hoo!

Working out in your own home has many advantages and leaves little room for excuses. I’m looking forward to loosing weight and sculpting my body with Physique 57. I have sculpted my body in the past and along with eating right, Physique 57 and added cardio, I know I can again. I am already on my way.

Read Physique 57’s story here!Physique-57-on-Changing-it-Now


  • jo's bo beaux - March 5, 2012 - 12:48 pm

    I like what I hear Jo. I think that all the detoxing by healthy eating will help you to keep on that work out, and I believe that with each day it will get to be even greater fun and your own “slice of time in life” to stop all and do something for yourself.
    You Rock, and I want to keep up with you. You’ve already had me reveiwing my eating patterns and have forced me to take a long hard look at my health. I love this blog! I hope that the momentum builds and I want to share with others on the strength and inspiration you have instilled my way.
    Have a super day. Drinks lots of water, and keep with the training plan. one day at a time.ReplyCancel