Is your inner voice positive or negative? If we heard only positive things from ourselves, we would be much happier and healthier. The problem is, many of us hear different voices, like heathy voice or negative and sabotage myself voice. Which voice we listen to determines what choices we make. (like changing “I can’t” to “I can!”) We have the power to listen to one voice over the other and choose to be healthy. It’s up to us. The words “mind over matter” come to me.

“Mind over matter” is a pretty powerful concept. Take Hypnosis: it’s a form of “mind over matter” and look what hypnosis is used for:  fears and phobias, addictions, habit control, pain managementpsychological therapy, relaxation, skin disease, soothing anxious surgical patients, sports performance, weight loss and more. While I am not a hypnotist, nor do I know if it’s right for everyone, I know a few people who made life changes through hypnosis and it was very successful for them.

“Mind over matter”, is a concept I can relate to. I used to live it when I achieved positive results from working out and eating right years ago. The good news is, it’s not to late to change my body , and this blog is all about change and reaching my heath and weight loss goals. I can do it with the concept of “mind over matter”.

Thanks Debbie Phillips who shared Jamie Eslinger’s blog post this morning, “day 29 may the force be with you” “Listen to yourself” which inspired today’s post.