Replacing Sugary Snacks with Healthy Choices: Day 76

I got some really good suggestions for replacing sugary snacks with healthy choices on my post on DAY 73 so I thought I would dedicate this post to sharing them with you.

The suggestions that came in are from different people on different eating plans so take what your like…

BARBARA McRae: of The Savvy Success Coach “Pecans are perfect for me since my body craves protein!”

KATHRYN DONATELLI: “I really enjoy cutting up a nice crisp apple and putting a half teaspoon of almond butter or natural peanut butter on each slice. The juice, the sweet and the tart are so good with the nut butter. The apple has a nice crunch to it too. It also picks me up and takes the edge off. Gets me through a few hours till dinner. The same thing could be done with a banana and honey with chopped walnuts sprinkled on top. It almost tastes like a banana split but has no dairy or animal fat.”
(A little side note.. Click on Kathryn’s name to see her wonderful artwork.)

LAURA WALKER: “My favorite “sweet” is definitely fruit… But sometimes, I need a “dessert”. For a quick grab, I love sugar free jello, and add a dollop of fat free topping… Also, I really like making a baked apple – cut apple in half, core it, sprinkle with a little cinnamon, splenda (if desired), and put a little lemon-lime seltzer in bottom of pan.. Cover in foil and bake at 325 until apple is soft. Put a little fat free topping or or fat free frozen yogurt on it…and it feels like a real treat!! Also, I like rice cakes with peanut butter, like you said, but I put raisins on them…adds a little sweet to that too. I also found that dairy products have have sugars in them, and can satisfy a sweet craving in us. I actually learned this when I had to give up dairy when nursing my son, who was allergic to dairy and soy! I was all of the sudden craving sweets, when prior, I didn’t have the biggest sweet tooth. My doctor told me that dairy had sugars in them, and my body was used to getting “sweet” thru the dairy I was eating. So maybe adding cheese, or milk products, can help cut back on sweet cravings too!!”

GINNY PERROTTI: “The two months that I gave up white cane sugar were not free of sweets, but quickly freed me of cravings. I used honey, pure mle syrup, or rapadura which is unrefined cane sugar with all the nutrients left in. I did lose six pounds but at a holiday party, ate a cream puff which led to cookies and more. An easy quick snack without sweetener is to take pitted dates and add peanut butter, roll it in coconut… Delicious and satisfying.”

MAGGIE GRIFFIN: “One my favorites is sweet potato or butternut squash. I just love it as a desert or a meal. Sometimes, I will slice the cooked sweet potato and put it on a frying pan with pam spray and maybe a little cinnamon and sweetener. Or even without the cinnamon, it’s a nice treat!”

To recap the suggestions I made..

Spread natural peanut butter or Almond butter on a brown rice cake. Then take a half a teaspoon of  “all fruit” and spread it on it. It satisfies a crunch and a little sweet at the same time.

Natural whole fruit is always a great choice. A sweet delicious orange… YUM!  Nature has done a great job at giving us a variety every season. Here in the north east, citrus, apples, and pears  are in in the fall and winter and peaches, nectarines, plums and berries are readily available in the spring and summer. Of course here in the US, we can get all varieties year round but I tend to stick to what is in season because the seasonal fruits seem freshest to my taste buds.

Raw almonds, walnuts, pecans or cashews and honey. Put 10 or 12 raw nuts in a bowl and lightly drizzle a tablespoon of raw organic honey over them. I love this little treat!

And let’s not forget LaraBars. So many great flavors.