Alec Baldwin cuts out sugar: Day 74

I watched Alec Baldwin on Piers Morgan CNN last night. Seems Alec gave up sugar and lost 30 pounds. We are on the same path Alec! 🙂 I’m on 74 day into my ‘no sugar’ challenge and it is making a big difference in how I feel. When I say ‘no sugar’, I’m not referring to foods with natural sugar like fruit, I’m referring to processed food with sugar in it or adding sugar to anything I’m eating. When you think about it, most ‘real’ food is whole food. That’s what I’m talking about. Fruit, vegetables, brown rice, beans, raw nuts, potatoes and lean protein. If you just make up you mind to eat this way, there is a lot of food you can eat. I will eat foods prepared with whole foods, like LaraBars, natural peanut butter and almond butter etc.

As a side note.. without intending to, I have given up dairy about 99%. It just seemed like the right direction to go in on this quest for wellness. Once or twice in the last 74 days, I had a slice of low fat swiss cheese but that’s all the dairy I’ve consumed. I have really bad allergies and I suffer from sinus headaches. I was living on Advil almost daily and after the first week or so of omitting dairy and anything artificial from my diet, I haven’t had any headaches. I was literally living on over the counter pills for my headaches. Any change in atmospheric pressure, I was hurting. I’m not a doctor, nor an expert on the subject but there is a noticeable difference; dare I draw a correlation? I’ll just leave it at that: ‘I’m so happy to be feeling better’.  I’m anxious to see if my spring allergies seem any less too.

If you’re interested in Split Pea Soup with Ginger you can try this recipe. (I don’t use salt but feel free to salt away if that’s what you like)

Olive Oil

20 oz bag of dry peas

1 Onion

3 Cloves of Garlic

Ginger Root- about 1 – 2 inch piece chopped up.

2 Stalks of Celery

4 Carrots

Pepper to taste

I put about 10 12 cups of water  (P.S. I do most everything by eye)

Cooking Instructions:

Pour a small amount of Olive Oil in a large pot.

Chop the Garlic, Ginger, Onions and saute them in with the Olive Oil.

Chop and slice the Celery, and Carrots, and add them to the pot.

Add 2o oz of dry peas (Since I improvise when I cook everything, I used the whole bag but 2 cups will probably due)

Add the Water  and Chicken or Vegetable Broth as desired. You can use up to 6-8 cups of water. I love to have left over soup all week. 🙂

Stir the ingredients together and cover and let simmer until the peas are cooked.