This is the simple process I followed to make fresh ground organic hot pepper from my own garden grown peppers.
Grow them, pick them, dehydrate them, crush them.
Enjoy all year long.

This morning I’m packing for a 48 hour getaway. Since I have 4 days of eating well behind me and starting day 5, I have to prepare enough healthy choices that I don’t get caught hungry. “Eating right is my reward”. Even though there will several restaurants where I will be, I am packing some fruit, and raw nuts, raw almond butter, plain rice cakes, carrots, plenty of water, some dark chocolate (just a little) and some LaraBars. Speaking of Larabars, I just called my local Trader Joe’s and  asked them if they could change up some of their Larabar flavors. After all, there are so many! I requested Ginger Snap. It was my favorite of the samples that Larabar sent me earlier this year.  I am also going to make use of the fitness center this trip. My intentions are always good but I never seem to quite follow through.



Every year I promise myself that I am going to make fresh hot pepper from my hot pepper crop. This year I am doing it. As part of my “changing it now” promise to change.

I am 75 days from my one year goal and I am not doing well with my eating plan. Other positive changes are continually happening and yes, everyday is new. Hot peppers!



I grew up with a second generation Italian dad who kept tradition alive throughout his entire life. Some of the things he did was grow a beautiful garden every year, make wine, cheese, sausage, homemade pasta and jar tomatoes so we had fresh sauce all year round.

I have always grown vegetables, which I inherited from dad’s traditions but this year is the first year I am jarring my own. My brother took me through the process and I am now doing it myself. It’s pretty cool and easy to do actually.


I picked through my riper tomatoes and cut them in half. I passed them through a tomato press several times  assuring that all the juice was squeezed out and then I took the juice and boiled out the water. On the side, I boiled the mason jars and lids to kill any bacteria. I added my fresh grown basil to the jar and a teaspoon of salt. (I am inclined to leave the salt out but I am still following the family recipe.) Once the tomatoes were ready, I poured the boiling hot tomato juice into a jar up to the brim and dropped the sterilized hot lid onto the jar. Then I screwed the band on tightly. WaLa, and here it is.


I promised this year would be about change. I am working on eating better although I’ve been far from perfect. I am back to eating whole wholesome foods with no added sugar and I am avoiding the gluten due to stomach problems.

I love the “farmers market” in town on Saturdays. All fresh and grown in NJ. Scotch Plains Farmers Market

Another major change I’m working on is Divorce. I have been putting off filing for 2 years. I finally did it. It’s bitter sweet but I need to move forward in a positive light.